CFSS workers provide services to individuals with a wide range of needs. These services offer participants choice and flexibility over their care and are provided in two primary models: budget and agency provider. CFSS workers work with individuals in both models, but in the budget model, they are the employers.

The agency-provider model requires that CFSS services be evaluated at least once per year. The evaluation must be done within 30 days after the participant starts receiving services. The evaluation must be conducted in person. During the first year of service, the agency provider must conduct in-person evaluations at least once.

Home care workers are also available to assist clients in the CFSS program. In most cases, a CFSS service delivery model includes services that cover a person’s daily activities. The program also includes consultation services to help clients select the best service delivery model for their needs. These services include assistance with ADLs and IADLs, health-related tasks, and backup systems. A CFSS worker can also provide assistance with purchasing goods if desired.

The DHS website offers a useful video that explains CFSS. It also contains FAQs regarding the program. A CFSS worker can make a world of difference for your loved one. If you’d like to find out whether a CFSS worker is right for your loved one, the DHS has created an interactive video to help you decide.

A CFSS worker must follow a strict set of procedures to ensure a person gets the services they need. It must be completed in the same environment where the person receives services. In addition, the worker must have a legal representative who is authorized by the participant. A legal representative must sign the time sheet.

A CFSS worker must have the necessary training and experience to provide services. In addition, they must have experience working with children with mental illness. To become a Certified Family Support Specialist, a person must have completed training recognized by TDMHSAS. This professional must also undergo rigorous testing and evaluations to demonstrate work competencies.