CFSS will be similar to PCA in many ways. People eligible for PCA will also be eligible for CFSS.
CFSS will cover services covered by PCA. CFSS will expand people’s choices about how they
receive their services, including who can provide services, additional support for writing plans,
more self-direction options and the ability to purchase goods to aid a person’s independence.
● Unlike PCA, in CFSS a person’s spouse or the parent of a minor may serve as that
person’s support worker.
● People may choose to purchase goods to aid in their independence.
● The CFSS budget model allows people to choose to be the employer of their support
● The state will provide a budget that the provider agency or the person may use to
train workers on the individual needs of the person.
● Community First Consultation Services will provide education and support in writing
the person’s plan.

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