Here at Community First Consultation Services we provide information on how the participant directs their CFSS services. We explain the proper use of CFSS including: principles, policies, processes, standards, covered services and goods, health-related needs, transferring to another model, self-advocacy, quality monitoring, and positive service outcomes. Community First Consultation Services has an agency model and the budget model in CFSS, including risks and responsibilities. This information is provided so the participant can make an informed decision on which model to use. Community First Consultation Services will not limit or influence the participant’s choice of model in any way. Community First Consultation Services provides information to explain how the two models in CFSS are similar and different when compared to the two options in PCA which are PCA Choice and Traditional PCA. We provide information on changing CFSS agency providers or FMS providers and information on CFSS program updates as directed by DHS.
If you are still unsure, or you may want to share some resources they are available at our website Community First Consulting Services offers valuable information and resources to help educate the public. If you are in the state of Minnesota and need more information on our community first support services, or for any questions you may have, feel free to browse our website, email us at, or call us at 855-800-7633