Community First Consultation Services will give the participant and/or their
representative a notice of action when goods or services are denied. Denied goods or services
can include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Goods or services that do not fall within the scope of CFSS
  2. Goods or services not related to an assessed need
  3. Goods in the plan that do not increase independence or decrease human assistance.
    Community First Consultation Services will coordinate and collaborate with the CFSS Case
    manager when denying or reducing any part of the plan. We will educate the participant
    before you get denied. If the participant has a condition of change, Community First Consulting
    Services will help the participant get the changes they need. At the request of the participant,
    at the time of change in condition, or in collaboration with the lead agency or DHS, the
    GRANTEE will assist the participant to revise their plan by doing the following:
  4. Not limit how many times the participant can revise their plan;
  5. Ensure the revision is within the scope of CFSS;
  6. Write or rewrite the goal(s) associated with the revision, if applicable;
  7. Re-distribute the revised plan to the agency and/or FMS; and,
  8. If applicable, provide the information to the case manager or care coordinator for
    review and approval.
    If you are still unsure, or you may want to share some resources they are available at
    our website Community First Consulting Services

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