Community First Consultation Services is a Minnesota based company that provides superior customer service and support to individuals and families just like you, in every county throughout the state. Community First Consultation Services has 13 years’ experience assessing, consulting and providing excellent home health care for our clients. We have helped thousands of people, across the country, succeed in self-directing their own quality care while remaining in their homes and communities. Community First Consultation Services provide an unmatched quality in the technology and care planning. We at Community First Consultation Services employ the most diverse, respectful, consultant professional agents who are specifically trained in CFSS protocol and plan writing. We are a safe space for community members who may not have many places to receive quality services and at the same time feel secure and safe. Community First Consultation Services offer 24hrs support for our customers. Community First Consultation Services speaks 20 languages and provides translation and interpreter service including American Sign Language. In addition, we provide a toll-free phone and fax number with TTY number for communicating with customers that are deaf or hard of hearing. Lastly Community First Consultation Services provides a web-based information and communication system. The consumers can directly communicate through the website. We are unmatched in the quality of our services. You can look forward to our services and be confident that they will be done efficiently and without delay.

If you are still unsure, or you may want to share some resources they are available at our website Community First Consulting Services offers valuable information and resources to help educate the public. If you are in the state of Minnesota and need more information on our community first support services, or for any questions you may have, feel free to browse our website, email us at, or call us at 855-800-7633